Zinc Electroplating, a form of Galvanising, is a process of taking raw steel objects and treating them in different solutions. First acid to clean the surface, then electrolysis is employed, passing electricity through the steel binding the zinc to the metal (changing the molecular construction of the steel as opposed to applying a coating – electrolysis such as this means the zinc will not chip off as you can imagine paint does). Then finally the objects are treated in either a silver or gold passivate which seals the metal (the electrolysis and zinc absorption takes quite a toll on the metal) and leaves it with a beautiful finish in either silver (blue) or gold.
  • Zinc Plating with Silver Passivate, Bath Size: 7000mmL x 580mmW x 750mmD (1500mm max double dip)
  • Zinc Plating with Gold Passivate
  • Zinc Plating with Silver RoHS & ELV aligned Passivate
  • Barrel Zinc Plating for small parts