Where did Escudo come from?
The Escudo team have been involved in the coatings industry for 20+ years. The company evolved from two established Dunedin coatings companies that were amalgamated to form Escudo Coatings Limited. Otago Galvanisers, providing electroplating services since the early 1970’s, was acquired in March 2015. Dunedin Powder Coaters serving the Otago region since the 1980’s. The two companies joined forces to provide an increased range of metal coating services for our valued customers throughout the Otago & Southland region.

What about the name Escudo?
When the Otago Galvanisers & Dunedin Powder Coaters merged in July 2016, we needed a new name. We needed a name to reflect the work we do as a combined entity, coating a wide variety of products. ‘Escudo’ is the Spanish translation of ‘Shield’. This seemed like an obvious choice as this portrays our strengths and the unique protection and shielding properties that our coatings have against external elements.

Our Service…
Here at Escudo we strive to provide our clients with top quality coating systems & exceptional service. However, you don’t need to take our word for that, come and try us and we’ll let you decide. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Escudo Terms of Trade
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