Dunedin has a vast range of world class engineering services available and Escudo is proud to be a key player in supporting this industry. From sheetmetal parts to fabricated items, machined shafts and sprockets, at Escudo we have a number of surface finishing options to protect and enhance your products.

  • Zinc Electroplating – Silver, Gold & Black Passivate options
  • Powder Coating – Zincshield under coat, Alloy Pre-treatment
  • Hot Dip Galvanising – via Christchurch
  • Abrasive Blasting – Glass Bead, Garnet

At Escudo we can help with specifying the best coating system for your application. The longevity of any coating system will often come back to the original design of your product, this is where we can help to optimise the life of your chosen surface coating and ultimately your product. Contact us today to discuss your new or existing range of products.